Pittsburgh Steelers Win Super Bowl XLIII, 27-23


The well awaited biggest football game of the NFL season was last night and what a game it was. It had a little slow start but overall was a great game. The Steelers scored first and then the Cardinals came back. Right before haft time, James Harrison from the Steelers intercepted a pass from Arizona QB Kurt Warner in the end zone and ran it back for 100 yards, which was the longest play in Super Bowl history. The third quarter was just lame though, not too much going on. The fourth quarter was when both teams got to the “nitty gritty.” Arizona scored with a touchdown to Larry Fitzgerald to make it a 20-14 game. Arizona then got a safety on Pittsburgh with an offensive holding call in the end zone that made the game 20-16. On the following series, Fitzgerald scored another touchdown to make the game 23-20 and gave Arizona its first lead of the game with 2:36 left. But, Pittsburgh rallied back and scored a touchdown with 35 seconds left to make it 27-23 and win the game. Congrats go to the Super Bowl 43 champions.

~Singing Off~