Officer Ricky’s “This is 50” Page


So a coworker of mine shows me something real funny on This Is that I had to put up on here. The site is a social networking site besides having the latest news all about 50 Cent. I clicked on one of the members pages whose name is “Officer Ricky.” This page was created by 50 Cent on everything he put out coming at Rick Ross aka Officer Ricky. The profile picture is the one of Rick Ross when he was a correctional officer. Also, on the page there are a series of cartoon clips that 50 created coming at Rick Ross. One of the funniest videos on the page is the “Everyday I’m Hungry” video. It has a Rick Ross impersonator rapping on the “Hustlin” track but is all about eating McDonalds and food period. Check out the Officer Ricky page here.

~Signing Off~