I’m actually upset because I did not see the whole game last night. It was meant to be a great match-up in the Big East Tournament but who would have thought that it would reach 6 overtimes to get a winner? Well Syracuse and Connecticut put on a show for the fans in Madison Square Garden last night. It was close throughout the whole game. Close to the end of the game Syracuse’s Eric Devendorf had a chance to win the game but a controversial call sent the game to overtime. A three pointer by Devendorf was still in his hands, said officials as they reviewed the play. The game was sent into overtime, then a second, then a third, until the game was decided in the sixth overtime period. Syracuse went off and scored 17 in the period and UCONN only put up 7 points and the Orangemen eliminated UCONN from the Big East Tourney 127-117. It was the longest game in big East Tournament history.

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