T.I. – 1 Year & 1 Day In Prison


Well, T.I.’s 45 days of redemption are over as he was finally sentenced in his case of trying to purchase illegal firearms. Originally, Clifford Harrison aka T.I., was suppose to do 20 years, but in a plea agreement, in which he would serve 1,500 hours of community service, the judge allowed to reduce the sentence. Also, with good behavior, 15% of his sentence now may be taken away. This case really turned T.I. into a more mature young man and more of a leader in the hip-hop world. This past year was probably one if not the most effective year for the rapper, as he dropped a great album (Paper Trail) and his clothing line Akoo. It is going to be weird without him around but he has to face the consequences. Now he is due 1 year and 1 day in prison.

~Signing Off~