2009 NBA Draft Lottery RECAP


Well the 2009 NBA Draft Lottery just finished and it looks like Blake Griffin might be enjoying Los Angeles for the beginning of his career. The LA Clippers won the draft lottery and will be getting the overall No. 1 pick in this year’s draft that will be held on June 25. Below is the order of picks:

1 L.A. Clippers
2 Memphis
3 Oklahoma City
4 Sacramento
5 Washington
6 Minnesota
7 Golden State
8 New York
9 Toronto
10 Milwaukee
11 New Jersey
12 Charlotte
13 Indiana
14 Phoenix
15 Detroit
16 Chicago
17 Philadelphia
18 Miami (to Minnesota)
19 Atlanta
20 Utah
21 New Orleans
22 Dallas
23 Houston (to Sacramento)
24 Portland
25 San Antonio (to Oklahoma City)
26 Denver (to Chicago via Oklahoma City)
27 Orlando (to Memphis)
28 Boston (to Minnesota)
29 L.A. Lakers
30 Cleveland

31 Sacramento
32/33 L.A. Clippers (to Portland)
32/33 Washington
34 Oklahoma City (to Denver)
35/36 Memphis
35/36 Minnesota (to Detroit)
37 Golden State (to San Antonio via Phoenix)
38 New York (to Portland via Chicago)
39 Toronto (to Detroit)
40/41 New Jersey (to Charlotte via OKC)
40/41 Milwaukee
42 Charlotte (to L.A. Lakers)
43 Indiana (to Miami)
44 Detroit
45 Philadelphia (to Minnesota via Miami)
46 Chicago (to Cleveland)
47 Miami (to Minnesota)
48 Phoenix
49 Atlanta
50 Utah
51 New Orleans (to San Antonio via Toronto)
52 Dallas (to Indiana)
53 Houston (to San Antonio)
54 Denver (to Portland)
55 Denver (to Portland)
56 Portland
57 Orlando (to Phoenix via Oklahoma City)
58 Boston
59 L.A. Lakers
60 Cleveland (to Miami)

Please note that teams that finished the regular season with identical records will select in the second round in the reverse of the order in which they select in the first round. With respect to the ties between the Los Angeles Clippers and Washington (32 and 33); Memphis and Minnesota (35 and 36); and New Jersey and Milwaukee (40 and 41): since the order of selection in the first round for each set of teams may change based on the results of the Draft Lottery, the order of selection in the second round cannot be determined until after the Draft Lottery is conducted (on May 19, 2009).

~Signing Off~