NFL 2009-2010 Season Week 10 Recap

So the Cincinnati Bengals are showing up this season and not playing games! The Steelers have always been a problem for the Bengals but yesterday they were able to step up and win a close one 18-12. The game of the week was big because it was a big match-up between the Patriots and the undefeated Colts. The Colts were on the verge of losing their first game but Peyto0n Manning led a final drive within the last 2 minutes to win the game 35-34. Other scores from yesterday were:

Chargers 31 – Eagles 23
Cardinals 31 – Seahawks 20
Packers 17 – Cowboys 7
Chiefs 16 – Raiders 10
Panthers 28 – Falcons 19
Redskins 27 – Broncos 17
Jaguars 24 – Jets 22
Vikings 27 – Lions 10
Dolphins 25 – Buccaneers 23
Saints 28 – Rams 23
Titans 41 – Bills 17

Tonight’s game is the Ravers versus the Browns.

~Signing Off~

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