A Wacky Wednesday In College Basketball: 2/04/09

Duke Clemson BasketballClemson’s Trevor Booker

Missouri Texas BasketballMissouri’s Bench

This whole season in college basketball started off predictable, with the top teams always doing good and with a few surprise teams stepping up their games. Well, the last two months there has been a lot of upsets and unpredictable outcomes. Last night was another one of those nights. First, No. 10 Clemson blew out No. 3 Duke 74-47 in the first game since 1996 that Duke has scored less than 50 points. The University of Miami upset No. 6 Wake Forest in a blow out, 79-52. Also, Missouri upset No. 17 Texas 69-65. There were other games but these were the shockers in college basketball.

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