Men’s TEAM USA Basketball Roster Final

Today was the last day where the Men’s Team USA basketball roster was finalized. Andre Iguodala, James Harden, and Blake Griffin filled the final 3 roster spots on TEAM USA.


Men’s Preliminary’s begin on July 29.

Now it’s time to get GOLD!!!

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2012 NBA All-Star Game Recap

This year’s NBA All-Star game lived up to it’s expectation. Kevin Durant and Lebron James were were basically competing against each other for high on points in the game, as they both had crazy dunks and hit several 3-pointers. The West had a favorable lead as much as 21 points most of the game but then the East made a comeback late in the 4th to make very interesting. The East had the ball last but couldn’t finish the comeback as the West won 152-149.

Kevin Durant dropped 36 as well and Lebron. D-Wade had a triple-double with 24 pts, 10 reb, and 10 assists.

Kevin Durant was named game MVP.

Kobe Bryant broke Jordan’s record of 262 points on a dunk with 4:57 left in the third quarter. That gave him 20 points for the game.

Also, check out the half-time show by Pittbull, Ne-Yo, Chris Brown and Nayer.

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LA Lakers 99 – LA Clippers 92

By watching last night’s game, fan would have seen that Kobe Bryant is ready to repeat already. Playing the LA Clippers last night, Kobe did his thing will 33 points and 8 rebounds. Rookie Blake Griffin was not available to play for the Clippers as he is out for 6 weeks with an injury. The Lakers won the game 99 – 92. Can the Lakers repeat this season? Oh and take a look at that ring….wow!

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2009 NBA Draft Lottery RECAP


Well the 2009 NBA Draft Lottery just finished and it looks like Blake Griffin might be enjoying Los Angeles for the beginning of his career. The LA Clippers won the draft lottery and will be getting the overall No. 1 pick in this year’s draft that will be held on June 25. Below is the order of picks:

1 L.A. Clippers
2 Memphis
3 Oklahoma City
4 Sacramento
5 Washington
6 Minnesota
7 Golden State
8 New York
9 Toronto
10 Milwaukee
11 New Jersey
12 Charlotte
13 Indiana
14 Phoenix
15 Detroit
16 Chicago
17 Philadelphia
18 Miami (to Minnesota)
19 Atlanta
20 Utah
21 New Orleans
22 Dallas
23 Houston (to Sacramento)
24 Portland
25 San Antonio (to Oklahoma City)
26 Denver (to Chicago via Oklahoma City)
27 Orlando (to Memphis)
28 Boston (to Minnesota)
29 L.A. Lakers
30 Cleveland

31 Sacramento
32/33 L.A. Clippers (to Portland)
32/33 Washington
34 Oklahoma City (to Denver)
35/36 Memphis
35/36 Minnesota (to Detroit)
37 Golden State (to San Antonio via Phoenix)
38 New York (to Portland via Chicago)
39 Toronto (to Detroit)
40/41 New Jersey (to Charlotte via OKC)
40/41 Milwaukee
42 Charlotte (to L.A. Lakers)
43 Indiana (to Miami)
44 Detroit
45 Philadelphia (to Minnesota via Miami)
46 Chicago (to Cleveland)
47 Miami (to Minnesota)
48 Phoenix
49 Atlanta
50 Utah
51 New Orleans (to San Antonio via Toronto)
52 Dallas (to Indiana)
53 Houston (to San Antonio)
54 Denver (to Portland)
55 Denver (to Portland)
56 Portland
57 Orlando (to Phoenix via Oklahoma City)
58 Boston
59 L.A. Lakers
60 Cleveland (to Miami)

Please note that teams that finished the regular season with identical records will select in the second round in the reverse of the order in which they select in the first round. With respect to the ties between the Los Angeles Clippers and Washington (32 and 33); Memphis and Minnesota (35 and 36); and New Jersey and Milwaukee (40 and 41): since the order of selection in the first round for each set of teams may change based on the results of the Draft Lottery, the order of selection in the second round cannot be determined until after the Draft Lottery is conducted (on May 19, 2009).

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Blake Griffin Named AP Player Of The Year

Well it was almost a done deal during the season, but today it was made official. Oklahoma’s Blake Griffin received the honors of Men’s Associated Press Player of the Year. It was obvious as he was a scoring machine and even led his Oklahoma Sooners into this year’s Elite 8 in the NCAA Tournament. With this, Blake is the first Oklahoma player to receive these honors. Griffin will almost definitely go into the NBA draft and be a top 3 pick so congrats go out to him.

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Oklahoma Defeats Syracuse 84-71


Oklahoma had the lead during the whole game and surprisingly defeated a scrappy Syracuse team quite easily. They were able to contain Devendorf and Flynn to an extent. Blake Griffin dropped 30 points and even hit the side of his face while dunking. Tony Crocker from Oklahoma had a huge game with a career high 28 points. Oklahoma advances to the Elite 8 versus the winner of North Carolina and Gonzaga. The final score was 87-71.

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