NFC Wild Card Game: Dallas 34 – Philadelphia 14

After the Eagles were on a hot streak they just cooled off. Last week they did not show up against the Cowboys in the last regular season game against the Cowboys. Last night in the first round of the NFL Playoffs they did not show up either. Tony Romo had 244 passing yards with 2 touchdowns as the Cowboys eliminated the Eagles 34-14.

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NFL 2009-2010 Season (Week 17 Recap)

The NFL regular season is finally over and next week starts the playoffs. There was a lot at stake during the final regular season week, including the NFC East Division Championship which went to the Dallas Cowboys as they swept the season series with the Philadelphia Eagles. The Cowboys won 24-0. Other scores from this past week included:

Bills 30 – Colts 7
Steelers 30 – Dolphins 24
Titans 17 – Seahawks 13
Jets 37 – Bengals 0
Packers 33 – Cardinals 7
Chargers 23 – Redskins 20
Chiefs 44 – Broncos 24
Ravens 21 – Raiders 13
Texans 34 – Patriots 27
Panthers 23 – Saints 10
Falcons 20 – Buccaneers 10
Vikings 44 – Giants 7
Bears 37 – Lions 23
49ers 28 – Rams 6
Browns 23 – Jaguars 17

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Dallas Cowboys 24 – New Orleans Saints 17 (NFL Week 15)

The New Orleans Saints perfect season is no more. The Saints lost their perfect season to the Cowboys last night 24-17. Tony Romo had 312 yards and one touchdown in the win. The Saints are now 13-1 on the season.

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Dallas Cowboys Cut Terrell Owens


Well, all the hype about being a Dallas Cowboy and doing this and doing that and winning a title is out the window for Terrell Owens in Dallas. The Cowboys decided to cut T.O. last night after a disappointing tenure with the team. Yes he was a force to be wrecking with but he did not deliver for the team. I wonder who is looking to sign the stud?

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