NFL 2009-2010 Season Week 15 Recap

The playoffs are nearing and the AFC playoff picture is looking worse the the NFC, as far as the wild card. There are 2 teams at 8-6 and several at 7-7 that are still in the picture. One is defending Super Bowl Champs Pittsburgh Steelers. There were on the verge of losing but Big Ben led the rally and threw a game-winning touchdown as time expired to beat the Packers 37-36. Ben Roethlisberger had 503 passing yards. Other scores from yesterday included:

Eagles 27 – 49ers 13
Chargers 27 – Bengals 24
Browns 41 – Chiefs 34
Patriots 17- Bills 10
Buccaneers 24 – Seahawks 7
Panthers 26 – Vikings 7
Arizona 31 – Lions 24
Titans 27 – Dolphins 24 (F/OT)
Falcons 10 – Jets 7
Raiders 20 – Broncos 19
Ravens 31 – Bears 7
Texans 16 – Rams 13

Tonight’s game is an NFC East division game between the Giants and Redskins.

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2008-2009 NFL Playoffs – Week 1





Well, Well, Well! The NFL Playoffs have officially begun. Yesterday, the Arizona Cardinals were able to contain the Atlanta Falcons in a 30-24 victory. Also, The San Diego Chargers were able to pull off an overtime victory over the Indianapolis Colts by the score of 23-17. Today’s first game was the Baltimore Ravens @ the Miami Dolphins, which the Raven’s defense took care of business with 4 interceptions off of Chad Pennington and most importantly a 27-9 victory. The late game had the Philadelphia Eagles @ Minnesota Vikings in which the Eagles won 26-14 (I know the game is not officially done, but we are gonna win!). Next week’s games will: Ravens @ Titans, Chargers @ Steelers, Cardinals @ Panthers, and Eagles @ Giants!

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