Air Jordan 60+ – Laney High School Colorway


This is one new model of an Air Jordan that will be dropping this year. The Air Jordan 60+ commemorates the games that Jordan scored 60+ points in NBA games. This colorway represents Laney High, where Michael Jordan went to school. What do you think about them?

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Air Jordan 60+

Via Sneaker Files

Combine multiple sneakers to form one new sneaker. Sounds pretty simple, right? Well, we are now seeing evidence that Jordan Brand not only finds it simple, but effective as well. The concept of merging sneakers will continue throughout 2009 and we now have pictures of the newest hybrid. This pair merges together all of the sneakers that Michael Jordan wore on the five occasions that he scored 60 or more points. The Air Jordan 2 (II) and the Air Jordan 5 (V) play key parts in the Air Jordan 60+ and their influence on this pair is quite obvious. The most prevalent characteristic on this pair that we have seen before is the midsole which comes straight from the AJ5. Other key components include a mesh net on the side and a heel tab reminescent of the AJ2. Though it is not confirmed, the Air Jordan 60+ is set to begin releasing in August of 2009.

Five times Michael Jordan scored 60+ points:
04/20/86 – 63 points – Chicago vs. Boston
03/04/87 – 61 points – Chicago vs. Detroit
04/16/87 – 61 points – Chicago vs. Atlanta
03/28/90 – 69 points – Chicago vs. Cleveland
01/16/93 – 64 points – Chicago vs. Orlando

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