Futura x Nike Dunk High FLOM Livestrong Greatest Hits Pack


VIA Sneakerfiles

“Nike has definitely brought the heat with the Futura x Nike Dunk High FLOM Livestrong Greatest Hits Pack. This Nike Dunk High combines three of Nike’s greatest projects: Futura, Flom, and Livestrong. As part of the Livestrong Stages Collection, this FLOM Dunk High features a black leather base shoe with black swoosh to match the black midsole. To go along with the Livestrong theme, the shoe sports a yellow outsole, laces, and stitching on the sides. The main characteristic, which is reminiscent of the FLOM’s, is the newsprint on the main panels of the shoe. Futura’s John Hancock is etched on the side of the left shoe and FLOM’s “FL” initials on the right shoe. These babies will definitely have a price to match its FLOM predecessor, especially if these are limited to 24 pairs worldwide.”

This sneaker is fire but only 24 are available…..that sucks!

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