Nike X Coraline Dunks


Check out these exclusive Nike Dunks. They are inspired by the Laika Entertainment film Coraline that will release in theaters February 6th, 2009. The crazy thing about these sneakers is that they will not be sold. Nike is doing a crazy promotion to actually win the sneakers.

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Nike “Superhero/Villains” Dunks Pack Via NikeID






So I was looking online for sneakers, like always, and I came across a pack of Nike Dunks that were apparently created through NikeID. There are called the “Superhero/Villains” Pack. The thing about these dunks is that the pack titled this name were for Nike SB Dunks and these dunks are regular dunks, but when I go to NikeID to try and create them, I can’t because all the features are not available to customize. It could be that they were done in the NikeID shop in New York City. These are inspired by: Iron Man, Batman, Robin, the Shredder, and Wolverine. However they were created, they are pretty hot! Pictures were found on Nike SB.ORG

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