New York Giants Wins Super Bowl XLVI: Eli Manning Named MVP

Eli Manning led the New York Giants to another Super Bowl victory and also named MVP once again….ironically the last win was also against Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. A couple key plays were missed by the Patriots that sealed the victory for the Giants 21-17. How would you rank Eli Manning now amongst the NFL’s Elite QB’s???

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Tom Brady Is Lights Out Versus The Miami Dolphins In Week 1

If you had Tom Brady on your fantasy team then you probably did good! Brady led the Patriots with 517 passing yards and 4 touchdowns in a 38-24 win over the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins were in it but the Pats took advantage of many no huddles that took them apart.

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NFL 2009-2010 Week 6 Recap

Yesterday had a whole bunch of craziness in the NFL. Teams that should have won lost, teams were blown out, and teams that stayed undefeated. The lopsided victory came from the Patriots/Titans game where Tom Brady trashed the Titans 59-0, as he threw 6 touchdowns in the win. Other scores from yesterday were:

Raiders 13 – Eagles 9
Falcons 21 – Bears 14
Cardinals 27 – Seahawks 3
Vikings 33 – Ravens 31
Saints 48 – Giants 27
Bills 16 – Jets 13 (F/OT)
Texans 28 – Bengals 17
Packers 26 – Lions 0
Steelers 27 – Browns 14
Panthers 28 – Buccaneers 21
Chiefs 14 – Redskins 6
Jaguars 23 – Rams 20

Tonight’s game will be the Denver Broncos versus the San Diego Chargers.

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New England Patriots 59 – Tennessee Titans 0 (Week 6)

Were the New England Patriots practicing today? I thought for a second the practice squads were playing each other, but then I realized the other team was the Tennessee Titans. Tom Brady murdered the wimpy Titans 59-0……yes that was the score. Brady threw 6 touchdowns, 5 in one quarter (an NFL mark). The Titans now are still win less…….I smell coaching changes coming soon.

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