Florida Wins Title & Are AP: NO. 1


With so much interest in the FedEx BCS National Championship Game after some trash talking earlier this week, last night was finally the night to crown the BCS National Champion. The match-up put No. 1 Oklahoma against No. 2 Florida to compete for the most prestigious award every season in college football. The game started slow, until Florida scored the first touchdown. Oklahoma immediately came back to tie the game the next series. For the rest of the game it was close, until the Gators pulled away in the fourth quarter win the BCS National Championship. Now that the game is over, everyone is putting their attention to who is the No.1 team for the end of the season? There are legitimate arguments about Florida, Texas, USC, and Utah because of their results at the end of the season. Utah ended their season ranked No. 5 and was the only team that was undefeated, so they are my pick for No. 1. But unfortunately, Florida was chosen as the AP: No.1 team and Utah came up short at No. 2.

~Signing Off~

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